Customer Retention: 
Acquiring Customer Data & 
Lifecycle Marketing via 

Aarian Health was engaged by a large healthcare multinational that aimed to enhance customer retention through email/SMS marketing but lacked the means to capture patient details when the product was purchased in the pharmacy.


The client sought a solution to streamline the collection of customer databases when the product was purchased in the pharmacy in a compliant manner, and subsequently, to communicate regularly with these customers. Adherence to Australian Privacy Principles and laws was of paramount importance for this client.


The Aarian Health team conducted discovery sessions involving clients' team members and key stakeholders to determine how SMAART Hub would address the core issue of customer data collection and subsequent e-mail and SMS marketing. Compliance and privacy-related topics were addressed in great depth, including keeping all the collected data on secure Australian servers.


The SMAART Hub solution was deployed, currently capturing more than 3000 customer contacts every month, which is then deployed into lifecycle marketing. The client has seen a sharp increase in its customer retention. Another added benefit has been the increase in customer satisfaction as they are being proactively communicated on how to better manage their medical device.

Case study

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