Pharmacy Campaign: 
Accelerating Customer Acquisition 
via SMAART Hub

Aarian Health was engaged by a large healthcare multinational to accelerate their new customer acquisition in the community pharmacy channel. The client sought a solution that would streamline the job of their pharmacy sales reps and rapidly build their market share.


The client operated in a segment with fierce competition, competing against another large healthcare multinational with a high legacy market share and brand recall. Despite the market-leading quality of their product, the client’s sales reps often faced pushback from key pharmacy banner groups and stores. They needed something that would create an immediate impact on their market share.


he Aarian Health team conducted discovery sessions involving clients' team members and key stakeholders to determine how SMAART Hub would address the core issue of pharmacy engagement and enhance the effectiveness of the pharmacy sales team. 
A pilot run was completed in four weeks to test the Smaart Hub and evaluate its impact. It then proceeded to full-scale implementation within three months of engagement. The client’s campaign is currently live in 100% of their territory coverage, representing more than 1800 community pharmacies. Subsequently, Aarian Health also created customised reports for the client to gain deep visibility into the campaign's performance for each sales rep territory.


The swift launch has been a turning point in the pharmacy campaign for this client. Their pharmacy market share has seen a consistent rise since the launch. Another key advantage has been a sharp rise in engagement within the pharmacy team, who see this as a tool to become successful in their pharmacy calls. Sales reps recognise the power of SMAART Hub and how it's making their lives easier. The campaign performance for each sales territory has helped the management team create a more transparent rewards and recognition program for this team.

Case study

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